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Code of Conduct for shared use of Southern Trail

Please obey the rules in this code of conduct to ensure the enjoyment and safety of all users.

All users

  • No motorised vehicles are allowed on the trail

  • Horse riding is prohibited on this trail

  • Do not litter Ė Leave No Trace

  • Show courtesy to other trail users at all times.

  • Move to the edge of the trail to avoid hindering other users when stopped.

  • Use caution at all road crossings

  • Keep dogs on a short lead at all times especially if meeting cyclists.

  • Clean up after pets - stoop and scoop!

  • Respect all property along the route

  • Stay in single file when being passed.

  • Be aware of your impact on other trail users.

  • Avoid conflicts with other trail users.

  • Stay in single file in congested areas

  • Be aware of and follow all trail signs.

  • Be careful at bends, road crossings, other junctions and entrances.


  • Always stay on the designated side of the trail for cycling when meeting or passing walkers.

  • Please donít expect to cycle at high speeds

  • Always be in control of your speed

  • Be prepared to slow down or stop if necessary

  • Slow down and use caution when approaching or overtaking another trail user.

  • Announce your presence with a bell or quiet greeting and pass slowly.

  • Give way to slower users, walkers or cyclists and leave them plenty of room

  • Remember that some people cannot hear or see well - donít assume they can
    Never use the trails to race.

  • Avoid harsh skids or braking such that it damages the trail surface.

  • The use of a cycling helmet is recommended


  • Always stay on the designated side of the trail for walking when cyclists are meeting you or passing you.

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